Around the Interwebs

Some discoveries from my recent online perambulations . . .

The semester is drawing to a close for my MFA students, so I’ve got artists statements and thesis defenses on the brain. One great resource for both is Literary Devices, an online encyclopedia of literary terms. Don’t let the website’s basic look fool you—it’s packed with through, clear explanations of hundreds of literary devices, from Accumulation to Zoomorphism. Each explanation also includes examples from published works so you can see the devices in action.

Came across a really interesting article on the Chicago Manual of Style’s Shop Talk blog: “Can I Use Parentheses in Dialogue (or Not)?” The short answer is not really in contemporary books, but the real gem here is the author’s dissection of two Jane Austen passages that use parenthetical asides in dialogue.

This past Tuesday I gave a presentation to the Professional Editors Network (PEN) on MS Word macros. This was my second macros talk for PEN, and I had even more fun this time around! I love talking to this group of sharp and engaged wordsmiths. :)

Many of the macros I shared highlight particular categories of words and phrases (like homonyms, words with diacritical marks, repeated phrases, and so on). You can change the highlight colors in a macro by editing the color constants in VBA—this article has a handy list of the seventeen possible color constants you can use.

Added to my Want to Read list: Women’s Work: A Reckoning With Work and Home, by Megan K. Stack