“I just want to share that Anitra received all ‘Excellent’ ratings [on her metrics presentation]. This is a first in my time collecting evaluations! We received the following comments:

  • ‘Beyond excellent’ and ‘wonderful presentation skills and ease’

  • ‘Anitra is great!’ and ‘excellent speaker’

  • ‘One of the best presentations I've enjoyed at PEN’ and ‘Great content presented professionally and with humor’ and ‘I especially liked her specific uses for apps.’

  • ‘This all blew my mind; I can't wait to start making a spreadsheet.’

  • ‘Inspiring!’

  • ‘Great speaker with good energy’”

Professional Editors Network

Jason Voiovich

Author and Principal, 




"I approached Anitra  for help editing my first nonfiction manuscript. Being new to the writing world, I didn't know what to expect. I was intimidated and confused. What struck me immediately about Anitra was her mix of appropriate candor and positive energy. She demystified the process for me, editing my manuscript with an eye toward the next step in the process: approaching agents and publishers. Originally over 45,000 words, Anitra not only tightened the manuscript to 41,000 words but also gave my the tools to improve my writing for my next book. I recommend Anitra unconditionally. Hiring her as my editor made my first book immeasurably better."

Beth Larson

Producer, Zeus Jones


"I've been working on projects with Anitra for the past 18 months and don't know what I'd do without her. She's great at diving into different types of projects, doing research and understanding the subject matter, and then creating an output that has clarity and personality. I'm always impressed by her attention to detail and craft!"

Molly Quinn







"I hired Anitra to edit and critique my short story manuscript with funding I received from a Minnesota Emerging Writers' Grant, and it was the best grant money I've ever spent. Her precision and attention to detail are impressive. She has an eye for unnecessary words, writerly metaphors, and opportunities for compression. Working with Anitra, I learned about my crutches and patterns—certain rhythms to my sentences, repeated images and words—that draw attention to themselves. This is information I'll use in my projects ahead. She responded to my stories with attention and care. It was exciting to see how minor tweaks could make a scene or ending resonate with new power. While she wasn't afraid to give her opinion, by the time I incorporated her edits I felt like the collection was more authentically my own. I recommend her highly."

"Anitra believed in my work every step of the way. The feedback she offered my manuscript was full of insight, wisdom, and vision. I'm grateful for the generous ways that she has enriched my writing, and even years after we worked together, I still know that she's in my corner."

Julie Iromuanya


"Thank you so much for your review of my manuscript! Your comments felt right on, raising up many of the questions I've been carrying at the back of my mind. I so appreciate the editing throughout the manuscript as it helps me 'see' exactly what you mean. There is no greater gift to a writer than working with an insightful, careful editor. I now have a much better sense of how to proceed with revisions for the next draft."

Diane Wilson


Bill Lunn


"Working with Anitra was a pleasure. She enabled me to take a manuscript that I knew was too long and trim it down to a more efficient read. Her system and the purpose behind her edits were easy to understand. She was easily accessible. I have other book projects in the works and would jump at the chance to work with her again."

Vincent Omni



"My voice was important to Anitra. Every edit she suggested, while not always easy to accept, enhanced the quality and clarity of my message. Her skill and professionalism helped me put forth the best version of my work."

Chris Mikko

Creative Services Manager,
Thrivent Financial




"Anitra is a remarkably flexible writer, someone who’s equally adept at writing long-form journalism and marketing copy. It’s extremely rare to find someone who can do both—and do both extremely well. She has a fluid, clear voice, along with the unique ability to make complex topics readable (and even enjoyable). If that weren’t enough, she’s a fine editor too. No matter what topic I’ve assigned to her, she always turns in excellent work. She also pays meticulous attention to detail and deadlines and has a good-natured, collaborative spirit that makes her a joy to work with. I’d recommend her without reservation. I’ve worked with a lot of writers over my career, and Anitra is easily one of the best."

Russell Ricard


"Thank you so much for all your incredible input. You have an amazing eye for detail, and your notes really helped me streamline my prose. At the same time, as I was working through the draft I was comforted, because I could tell (again based on your notes) that you really 'get' me and fully grasp the heart and soul of my story."

Susanne Aspley



"Anitra is extremely talented and experienced, professional, yet down to earth. I trust her with my work because she treats it with respect. I absolutely highly recommend Anitra and will definitely work with her again on my next project."

Dara Beevas

Cofounder and CSO,
Wise Ink Creative



"In the world of publishing, there are many editors to choose from, but Anitra is exceptional and consistently our first choice for many of our top book projects. As a publisher, we've called on her to edit a variety of manuscripts across different genres and with different requirements. Anitra has gone above and beyond for each of the projects we've sent her way. Her professionalism, timeliness, and talent place her in a special category of editors we call upon. We trust her with not only with our manuscripts, but we admire her ability to push and challenge our authors and immensely enjoy working with her."  

Voncille Meyer

Copy Editor and Proofreader

"Your talk [for the Professional Editors Network] was amazing! I think it was one of the best we've had in a long time. Your style was open and friendly, and the presentation was quite informative."

David S. Mitchell



"Anitra brings a wealth of experience and talent to the editing process, including her keen eye for how details of plot and character development, large and small, can shape a book's quality and marketability to its intended audience. Anitra's editorial services were invaluable to the process of turning my manuscript into a polished novel. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking to take his or her manuscript to the next level."

Christian Douglass


"I wanted to give a huge thanks for all your help, in particular taking the time to understand my vision and helping to talk through a way forward. Whatever the novel becomes, I am sure it will be stronger as a result of your feedback.”